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Coherence Medicine

Coherence Medicine - Foundation of Healing

In search of insights into my most burning questions - "What does a person need to be healthy and how does healing work?" - I received the best answers about dealing with the models of quantum physics, in particular quantum field theory (eg Burkhart Heim, Klaus Volkamer ).

Brave physicists such as Michael König (The Primal Word - the Physics of God) has developed highly interesting, logical and layman understandable hypotheses about the origin of our universe, which also give answers to the following questions: "Is there a God? What is the soul? Is reincarnation the way of soul development? How does our consciousness work? Can only the (re-) connection to God and his love heal us? "

The quintessence of this for me is that we need to broaden our world view to include the subtle, energetic level and also revise the idea of how cell communication and metabolism are controlled. Life and above all cell communication is controlled by both subtle and electromagnetic fields.

It is very interesting that the energy and the feeling of love form coherent (highly ordered) field structures in the body water and therefore love as a healing power can also be described from the perspective of quantum physics.

The medicine that results from this can best be described by the term coherence medicine. This term originated from the joint work of interdisciplinary water research in the association Sources of Life e.V.

Coherence is the highest order - highest order means health and healing on a physical, mental and spiritual level. The view of the whole.

The highest-order control arises from a subtle background field that interacts with the electromagnetic fields generated by the electrons in the atoms and molecules of matter. The electrons are virtually the mediator between mind and matter and can be described as the carriers of our consciousness. The structure of our body water or the information of the electrons of the water molecules can thus be assigned the greatest importance for the regulatory power of the organism.

Coherence medicine always includes healthy water, a healthy diet, mental relaxation and a harmonious way of life.


Therapeutic options of the coherence medicine

Nutrition: natural, fresh, high-quality, biological, predominantly vegetarian food, pure spring water at least 6 glasses 0.2 liters / day

Exercise: daily as possible to 10,000 steps in the fresh air, walk more often barefoot, sufficient exposure to sunlight, if necessary, yoga, etc.

Relaxation: if possible, a balanced lifestyle with enough peace to give room to our inner voice.

Meaningful life: a work that gives pleasure, family, friends


The way inward leads us through the listening of our inner voice to the connection with the all-embracing love of God. Here we experience deep love for creation and feel which life decisions lead us on the way to a fulfilled, happy life. Thereby we experience connectedness with everything that exists and orient our actions to the highest good of all living beings.