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Heal yourself

Heal yourself by:

Optimize nutrition!

Ideally organic food with a very high proportion of fresh raw food. The more advanced the chronic disease is the higher should be the raw food content. The more stable the health, the better the body can deal with "unhealthy substances" again. In the beginning, raw food is often poorly tolerated, the intestinal flora takes time to adapt. That means you increase the raw food content slowly. Goal: at least 50% better.

Detoxification of the body: (according to Dr. Karl Probst)

By drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of spring water daily and taking sulfur powder with algae.

The sulfur treatment:

A healthy body milieu is characterized by an excess of electrons. Elemental sulfur has a negative redox potential, making it an optimal electron donor and antioxidant. The intake of elemental sulfur is therefore ideal for the environmental remediation of the whole body and especially of the intestine. Already Paracelsus asserted that every disease can be cured by sulfur.


Application: Adults take 3 x ½-1 teaspoon of sulfur powder with meals. The resulting shift in the intestinal environment leads to a massive death of harmful microorganisms in the intestine. The chairs smell very unpleasant, especially at the beginning! It is best to use a private toilet. The cure should be continued until the stools no longer smell unpleasant. That takes weeks to months. Sometimes even a year.

The sulfur treatment is supplemented by the intake of brown algae (Ascophyllum nodosum).


Detoxification with brown algae is at the same time replenishment of the vital substances:

The environmental toxins ingested with food, air and water accumulate over years and decades in the connective and fatty tissues and the organs. As a result of this, the detoxification processes collapse and the first symptoms appear.

The marine algae is a potent natural ion exchanger. When taking the algae extract, the heavy metals stored in the body are mobilized, bound and excreted with the stool. The corresponding plant substance, the sodium alginate, remains predominantly in the gastrointestinal tract. During the passage, the nutrients stored in the hydrocolloid, such as minerals, trace elements, amino acids and vitamins are released, which can easily pass through the intestinal mucosa in a well-soluble form. In exchange, the hydrocolloid binds toxins with which the organism is overloaded and excretes them. With long-term use, the entire body can be detoxified.


Application: 2 x 2 Kps. Daily for weeks to months


Very good books on this topic are.

"The Natural Path to Healing and Health" and "Why Only Nature Can Heal Us" by Dr. Ing. Karl Probst.

Strengthening the immune system / intestinal cleansing:

To support the intestinal rehabilitation medicinal mushrooms can be taken at the same time or after the sulfur / algae cure.


Practical example of a detox diet is the original detox diet according to Dr. med. Rau of Paracelsus Klinik Lustermühle CH:

Read in the book. "Chronically ill? Heal yourself! "- the holistic nutrition program of Dr. med. Thomas Rau