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Water research in medicine

"Together for healthy water"

Did you know that half of all hospital beds worldwide are occupied by patients whose diseases are caused by contaminated water!? !!!
Every minute, three children worldwide die of bacterially contaminated drinking water
UNEP: (United Nations Environment Program)

High time to invest more time and money in water research!
The non-profit organization Quellen der Lebens e.V., of which I am the second chairman, has dedicated itself to holistic water research under the motto: "Together for healthy water".
One of my goals is to advance water research in medicine and to make the findings available to all my patients and colleagues.

The healing power of water can be represented and measured by many methods.

In 2014, in a pitot study with 80 volunteers, I was able to investigate the effect of a three-month drinking cure with Artesian spring water on various diseases. The results were surprising and motivating to continue researching.

Nature holds untold treasures and healing powers - we just have to use them. We are just beginning to understand the enormous healing powers of water. Only by contaminating the so precious juice we realize how important a good water quality is for the preservation of our health.