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My current water projects

Darkfield microscopy

By means of dark field microscopy, water can be observed during drying and from the dried-on droplets it is possible to draw conclusions about the quality of the water.

Verschüttelungs experiments

A reference water (in my case Fürstenzell tap water) is added to a substance (e.g., a homeopathic remedy). By shaking the structure of the water is changed. This can be made visible and documented. On the one hand, the aim is to make the effectiveness of homeopathy visible and, on the other hand, to show a picture language of homeopathy. Another possibility is to show that the quality of a water can be improved by swirling, shaking, which in the water acts as a turbulence.

Dilution experiments

The reference water is added to a substance in increasing concentration. It is observed from which mixing the drop changes. I did this with different drinks and was able to show how the drop of water changes with a coke drink. The goal is to draw conclusions about how the unhealthy diet affects our body water and thus our metabolic functions. By visualizing the change, it is possible to visually show people which foods are healthy, which are not.

Coherence experiments

The reference water is treated either with a suitable coherence generating device or by a water blessing (meditative prayer). The changes before / after are photographed.

The goal is to make visible what actually heals us - love and prayer - and that we can largely take our healing and health into our own hands.