Coherence Medicine - Prevention - Water research

Dr. med. Kirsten Deutschländer

Specialist in General Medicine - Naturopathy - Acupuncture - Medical Psychotherapist

Chief Physician at the Inntaler-Hof Clinic - REHA and Preventive Clinic for Parents and Children


Short CV

Doctor for 25 years specializing in natural healing, acupuncture, homeopathy, psychotherapy, sports medicine, nutritional medicine, prevention and water research. 10 years established general practitioner in Bodenmais, for 8 years head of the REHA and preventive clinic for parents and children Inntaler-Hof in Neuburg am Inn., 2nd Board in the Association “Sources of life”.


Practice Areas

  • Integrative medicine
  • Prevention
  • Coherence medicine
  • Water research in medicine
  • 2nd Board Association “Sources of life e.V.”
  • Integrative depth psychological psychotherapy
  • Lecture activities